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PGA Professional John Hafera

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Waters Landing Golf Park Closed


Dear Friends and Patrons of Waters Landing Golf Park,

I am sorry to announce that Waters Landing Golf Park  closed permanently on  January 1, 2014, due to pending development. A special thank you to all who have for the past 18+ years have supported our facility, taken advantage of our group lessons, private lessons, playing lessons, travel schools and guest instructor clinics. But most of all, thank you for the many friendships we have developed and acquaintances we have made. We hope that we have in some manner been "the tee box to the rest of your life!"

  I will be teaching at Clubgolf at the Rio Center in Gaithersburg. Clubgolf is a state of the art indoor practice and golf fitness facility. The facilities include 10 hitting bays, 12000 foot putting green, short game area/sand bunker, Trackman launch monitors, video analysis, K-Vest and Advanced Motion Measurement (AMM) 3D motion capture system. Golf specific exercise equipment and training aides are also on site. Outdoor lessons and playing lessons will be at Worthington Manor Golf Club You can schedule and indoor or outdoor lessons by calling 301 529 2868.

Thank you again for your friendship and support since the opening of Waters Landing Golf Park in 1995.

All the best,
John Hafera, PGA

Click  to how Vic improved his distance and direction .


Phil gained 20 yards in our class click for his comments



Click underlined titles for schedules and registration

  Group Golf Academy Level 1-Beginner/Intermediate

Web special! use the coupon code: Level1 and save 50% off of the regular $160 fee

5 one hour sessions same day and time for 5 consecutive weeks. Gain a overview of the game and basic skill development. This class is great if you are a beginner or if you have played in the past and would like to take your game to the next level. You will learn how to improve your game by understanding the Six Success Factors of Golf. We will cover the fundamental movements of the short and long game with the use of video analysis. Fee: $160

Web special! use the coupon code: Level2 and save 50% off of the regular $160 fee
If you are ready to step up to more short game, tee shots, golf fitness, and shot making this class is for you.  You must be have already completed Level 1 or have taken private lessons from John or Wayne. Fee: $160

 Private Lesson / Playing Lesson  Specials!

 1 Six Hour Series of Private Lessons and 2 Group Playing Lessons for $1075



for this week's almost live video lesson, and see how we are using AMM 3D to help Bob reduce thorax sway and and improve his Kinematic Sequence.  

Fall Beach n' Teach Outer Banks Golf Trips:
We will be playing  a great golf course, the Rees Jones designed 
The Currituck Club
. Trips include 4 days of golf/playing lessons/instruction, 3-4 nights lodging  at the resort beach home SeaGlass , home cooked breakfast and dinner and lots of fun! Virtually everything is included.  Dates are available September through November. 

 We know Jack! Click here for a video update from The Currituck Club in Corolla NC.
Contact John: 301 529 2868 or hafera@hotmail.com.

John Hafera Florida Winter Golf Schools
details coming soon!

Playing Lessons  Sundays  in November
at Worthington Manor Golf Club.
Limited to 3 students, work on your course management skills, trouble shots and more.  $200 per student includes green fee, cart and range balls.
Click here to schedule a Private Lesson.

 Private Lesson / Playing Lesson  Specials!

 1 Six Hour Series of Private Lessons and 2 Group Playing Lessons for $1075



 We don't often combine added weight and speed, but here is one case where it works quite well!


 A great drill for power and contact!



 How our students feel about our group lessons:

Kevin talks about our teaching style in our group lessons



Check out our new video: using AMM 3D motion capture we collect valuable data and come up with a simple correction.


How long should the backswing be?


Lester gets some lift advice using the AMM 3D System!

 Our student has a knee injury so we visit our Titileist Performance Institute certified Fitness Professional to get some advice on dealing with the injury:




When is it good to try to


 We are working with Jimmy and the K-Vest 3d motion capture system to improve the timing and amount of pelvis side bend on the down swing and at impact!

We work on stabilizing the lower body thru impact to have a stable base to fire the upper body!    






 New! New! New! John Hafera is pleased to announce the 8 Sensor Advanced Motion Measurement System (AMM) is now available to students at Waters Landing Golf Park. For a limited time we are offering AMM analysis at the regular lesson rate. Click here for more info.

 Check out the new video featuring bio feed back training with  AMM 3D!


Saturday afternoon med ball release drill!


Jim gets even with me!





Work on your posture


Almost live lesson: Jim works on his alignment, and learns to use his eyes more effectively!

This week's winter workout with John: row it for posture and torso mobility.


How Lenny improved his game by 15 shots!

Let's clarify contracting the abs!


PGA logo


 Steve improves his backswing sequence-hands, arms, torso, hips



Balance Zone Training




Our Waters Landing Golf Park team and more: Bret Stacey (our TPI certified Physical Therapist) Wayne Kao (WLGP Teaching Professional) Dr. Craig Farnsworth, John Hafera (WLGP PGA Director of Instruction) and Ed Coyle (Head Professional, Worthington Manor Golf Club)during the See and Score Putting Clinic at Worthington Manor Golf Club.


Waters Landing Golf Park's TPI Certified GP3, GB2,  PGA Director of Instruction John Hafera, is available for lessons, Please call 301-529-2868 or hafera@hotmail.com To make an appointment.